"an interview with caitlin lynagh"

UK based, Caitlin Lynagh releases Lost Frequencies, the third book in her Soul Prophecies series in November and has recently reissued her first two books as a re-imagined deluxe single- edition, Another Path.

I caught up with Caitlin to ask her about her urban fantasy series, her future plans and her thoughts on life – 

Q: I enjoyed reading Anomaly and Hidden Variables. Another Path works so well as a single anthology. Why did you decide to release this edition?

A: When I began writing Anomaly I had a clear idea of where I wanted to go with the series. I wanted to write about Ahrl’s world and I wanted write about the birth of the next evolution of the soul, artificial intelligence. However, half way through writing Anomaly I realised that I needed to tell Sophia Leto’s backstory. It was something I couldn’t do within Anomaly as it would never have worked as a sub-plot. Thus Hidden Variables was written as a prequel...

The Cosy dragon -

"Caitlin Lynagh on The

Power of Knowledge"

Lost Frequencies is the first book in The Soul Prophecies series and is set on the ancient, planet of Iyeeka, many light years from Earth and millions of years before the dawn of mankind. Iyeeka encounters many issues which humanity struggle with today.


The story follows Zerren, Ehi, Ahrl and ten other characters as they travel across their dying world to the home of a time-travelling scientist in the search for answers to their problems. Iyeeka is not the place it used to be, changing weather patterns, natural disasters and increasing global temperatures have destroyed entire continents and left the last two continents barely habitable. Water shortages have left the southern regions completely desolate and their fleeing refugees have pushed the northern regions to their limits. Millions have perished over the last few centuries and some Iyeekans have turned to violence in order to survive...

Beyond the Front Cover -

"loST frequencies REVIEW"

I confess that my initial excitement at receiving an ARC to review quickly gave way to feelings of apprehension. Science fiction books are not my usual choice of literature. It turns out that I had nothing to be concerned about. Once I began reading the story I was completely absorbed. Short chapters left me convincing myself that ‘just one more’ wouldn’t hurt and I read the novel in only a couple of sittings.

The main character (Ehi) is one with which the reader can really relate. She perfectly embodies the role of heroine and I found myself as eager as her to discover the answers she so desperately searched for. Indeed, the characterisations as a whole leave the reader really invested in the journey that is being undertaken. We get to know them all along the way, even the side characters are afforded a backstory to render them important in the unfolding events....


"Inspiration for Lost Frequencies"

Lost Frequencies began as an accumulation of two big ideas, one being the idea of another planet with conscious life and two being the idea of an existence after death.

The universe is an unfathomably large place and as humans we are obsessed with the idea of extra-terrestrial lifeforms and what they might look like. There have been many wild, strange, and terrifying depictions of extra-terrestrial life written in fiction. However, considering humanity beat the odds and evolved on planet Earth, I don’t think it is too outrageous to suggest that other lifeforms could evolve in a similar way on a similar type of planet. Why complicate things? The evolutionary patterns which worked here on Earth could work on another planet too.

Iyeeka is a large planet inhabited by Iyeekans, a species which look almost exactly like humans, with some minor differences. The majority of Iyeekan’s are incredibly pale with pointed ears and stand over six feet tall. Their continents are much larger than the continents on Earth, their seas and oceans are acidic and toxic, some of their animals are more dangerous, and their skies are pink instead of blue. Iyeeka have Eyeleetansy and Laluta plants whereas Earth have Bumblebees and flowers. There are many sharp contrasts between humans and Iyeekans, but there are three major differences...


"Iyeeka vs earth"

Writers draw inspiration from the world around them, and this couldn’t be truer for myself when I wrote Lost Frequencies. I wrote a sci-fi/fantasy book with many parallels to modern day Earth in the hopes of highlighting the problems we face, in a new way. It's easy to shrug off the blame in today’s world and point fingers. It’s also easy to feel complete hopelessness when it comes to large problems and therefore turn off to them and say; well, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway. As much as this may be true, and there isn’t anything wrong with feeling this way, it doesn’t help anybody, including yourself and future children.

There are many problems that humans face today, but I decided to focus on three areas that I consider to be major global issues; climate change, knowledge and wealth. At first glance some of these may be obvious and others you might not see any problems with, but I will explain my thoughts and reasoning by comparing my fictional world, Iyeeka, to Earth...



I came to Lost Frequencies then with few expectations but certainly can’t say I was open minded as I normally tell myself “sci-fi isn’t my thing”. I was however pleasantly surprised.

The biggest surprise for me was the clever way in which  Lynach offers some stark warnings about the potential effects of climate change and the pollution of our oceans. Here we see what could be the catastrophic effects of our current climate crisis – a planet so hot and dry that there is little hope of survival. 

Are we seeing a warning from a future race or do those aliens who Ehi sees be the future? 

Lynach is clearly a young writer at the very start of her career and I think this novel shows that she is an exciting talent who will go on to write some fantastic works. I for one can’t wait to see where this Soul Prophecies series goes. 



I literally could not put this book down. Even when I wasn’t reading the book it was always in the back of my mind how Ehi was going to get passed the tough situation she has found herself into.

The character development is written really well and you start to develop an akin to the characters. The world building is also really well written. Caitlin has done really well in both these aspects to immerse the reader into the world she has so brilliantly created. To the point where you forget your environment your in and you end up hours later with all the pages turning seemingly.

If you are a Sci-Fi Fantasy nut like me then you will really enjoy this book. If you aren’t then I couldn’t recommend this book to get you started.


Book Escapes

The essence of the story, to me, was viewed as an allegory for how mankind is abusing earth’s natural resources.  How Earth might be viewed if we continue to take nature for granted.

The story opens 700 years in the past on the planet Iyeeka, with a character named Arkeenell talking about how he has seen the future and leaving a message that he hoped may never be read.

I have no point of reference for this genre but, I was fascinated by the premise and, once I got into it, I enjoyed the story.